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The ADGRODcast

Adam, Graham, and Rodney (That's where we get our name...AdGRod...great unwashed) would like to thank you for listening. If you have future show song/theme suggestions, get in touch!

Cheers from beautiful Richmond, VA (RVA). 

Oct 25, 2019

THIS WEEK! We get spooky spooky spooky!! Rodney invites us over for a special halloween party with guest storyteller Jerome Flagbottom and glockenspiel and percussion assassin specialist, D.Erik Jensen. Spines are shivered! Teeth are chattered! Goosebumps are given! 


Oct 18, 2019

THIS WEEK!!!! Our guest is the illustrious, brilliant, Haiku-slam-winning queen of 17 syllables TRICIA!

This episode will feature a number of her original haikus, and your usual hosts with the least tag along and write ditties based on them. 


Oct 11, 2019

Pull up a warm, fresh glass of breastmilk, friends, for this week we introduce BANYARD, post-apocalyptic entrepreneur of cheese and milk. HOW does one produce delicious lactose-laden goods in a world with no cows?? Listen to find out!!

Also, Barry Hallis, also known as Barry Halls, in-home chef and piano...

Oct 4, 2019

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are incredibly proud to present, all the way from the swamp, a special AdGRodcast featuring the one and only Sir Cuntry Fucclin. 

In this episode he tells his tales, regales us with his razor sharp wit, destroys our mild sensibilities, and we simply attempt to keep up. 

Please, do enjoy....