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The ADGRODcast

Adam, Graham, and Rodney (That's where we get our name...AdGRod...great unwashed) would like to thank you for listening. If you have future show song/theme suggestions, get in touch!

Cheers from beautiful Richmond, VA (RVA). 

May 31, 2019

Get those earholes ready! This week, we bring you stories about Beanie Babies. A TON of stories about Beanie Babies. Honestly, there's a disconcerting amount of time spent on Beanie Babies. 

Also, Holy Smokes (read: Cigarettes that save), more of Rodney and Graham bitching and whining about the heat, an EPIC tune...

May 24, 2019

THIS WEEK!? Our tone deaf singer gets his moment, a story about Hannibal's Pizza Place in Anchorage (yes THAT Hannibal), and our federal money saving idea: the Witness Brotection Program. Then, a story about a baby who only functions mostly drunk, a serious technical snafu, and finally the Pickle Family, and The...

May 17, 2019

This week we open hilariously out of tune and out of sync, and then a song about Rodney: the Legend, and a mispronunciation leads to a song about a fragile eagle and The Carrion Bird. Then, a practical solution equivalent to a space suit called the Earthsuit, your new favorite fantasy character John Wiccan, and an...

May 10, 2019

Lucky Episode 13!!! This week is basically driven by Graham and Rodney complaining about the first bit of warm weather we're having in Richmond. 

So, Rodney initially really ruins the episode and there is commentary about the heat. Then, a sweat song, a lousy joke, more complaining about the heat, man tits, a mild...

May 3, 2019

This week, Graham and our listeners ask questions, and we collectively attempt to answer them. The questions:


Is Graham Real?

Why do we make Rodney stand on a medicine ball while we record?

Is Adam alive, or is he just excited?

After the zombie apocalypse would bears inherit the earth?

What's Sarah Palin up...