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The ADGRODcast

Adam, Graham, and Rodney (That's where we get our name...AdGRod...great unwashed) would like to thank you for listening. If you have future show song/theme suggestions, get in touch!

Cheers from beautiful Richmond, VA (RVA). 

Jul 31, 2020


This week and next we will tell you the truly marvelous tale of The Manchego Brothers, and what they brought to the annals of World history. Taking place in 1930's Spain, this story features fascism, crooked financiers, robots, rats, love, hate, war, pineapple pizza, and some of Rodney's finest...

Jul 24, 2020

This week!! An elegy to all the husky bros out there, a song about being an awful old right wing piece of shit, a song about a guy who collects toys, and a song about a surgeon who is terrible at his job. Also, a solid cold opener with lots of breathing noises and some terrific awkward silence in the middle of the...

Jul 17, 2020

THIS WEEK!! We forget to introduce ourselves--we're Adam, Graham, and Rodney BTW.

Then, there are songs...oh the songs...songs about you, and me, and us. A story of Christmas morning and you opening of your new D.O.D., the story of your degree (not diploma), also a fantastical musical about Arkansas, and finally, a song...

Jul 10, 2020

THIS WEEK!! Rodney reminisces about being young again, we delve into Karma being a very instant and real thing, the story of Noah from the future, and finally and elegy to a most incredible substance: Alage. Strap in for the weird, bad, good and sad. 

Plastic Block. 

Jul 3, 2020

Have we lost our minds? Yes. This week's episode features songs about a man who repairs instruments that have been farted in, a deep question about time and space that devolves in to all of us becoming Ed Harris, Rodney's Drain Babies, and then a man becoming President. 

Enormous feels.