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The AdGRodcast

Adam, Graham, and Rodney (That's where we get our name...AdGRod...great unwashed) would like to thank you for listening. If you have future show song/theme suggestions, get in touch!

Cheers from beautiful Richmond, VA (RVA). 

Jan 15, 2021

THIS WEEK! We are reissuing and re-releasing one of the best sessions we've ever had here in Studio B. Dave Watkins brought his glorious presence and Dulcitar magic to our studio in 2019, and we recorded this session with him. It was originally released as a two part, and this week we are presenting it in it's original...

Jan 8, 2021

Ladies and Gentlemen! THIS WEEK we are proudly presenting our most ambitious all-improvised concept to date, THE MANCHEGO BROTHERS, as it was intended to be listened to: as one full epic epoch. 


Jan 1, 2021

This Week!!

Welcome to SEASON 3!!! 

To celebrate a new year and a new season, we're pulling up some sweet bonus content featuring Rodney's friends (his furniture), a toe-tapper about Berserker Llama Syndrome, and finally, a lovely tribute to the late great Emilio Estevez. 

Wait, not "late" great? OH, just...

Dec 25, 2020

THIS WEEK!! The Holidays are here, there is a global pandemic shredding gaping holes in the U.S. population, it's like 70 degrees outside in Richmond in late December, and we're probably all gonna die. So, instead of focusing on this fuck forsaken year, we're taking the opportunity to re-release some hot pressed gems...

Dec 18, 2020

THIS WEEK!! First of all, We're BACK! In the ole' hopper for dissection this week is the announcement of The Galactic Federation (side note, WTF), Rodney asks for funding to sit in a room and create whatever the fuck it is he creates, and finally, a song about a very bossy pedestrian.