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The ADGRODcast

Adam, Graham, and Rodney (That's where we get our name...AdGRod...great unwashed) would like to thank you for listening. If you have future show song/theme suggestions, get in touch!

Cheers from beautiful Richmond, VA (RVA). 

Dec 18, 2021

THIS WEEK!! Santa doesn't give the kids coal, but he sure does give them shit they don't need. Then! The Arrakis Shuffle and how those rascals in the desert avoid those pesky sandworms. And finally, a pseudo epic about how The Lord accidentally flooded the world. Not because he hates us but because, dude, oceans and...

Dec 10, 2021

THIS WEEK!! We contemplate male pattern baldness, which is a thing all three of us are dealing with. Then, a question about if there is a Subreddit for, well, anything. Then, a visit from Auntie Amber, and finally we ask what everyone is thinking: Is ADGROD just a big experiment in cringe? 


Dec 3, 2021

THIS WEEK!! Kitty cat hype man TJ EZ TREETZ joins us as we spin tails (TALES, lmao) about the orginal discovery of the human rectum and Reindeer Cyclones. Also, this week the Random Number Generator gives us a prompt about vaccines and magic and them not being necessarily exclusive. Well, kinda.


Nov 26, 2021

THIS WEEK!!! To begin, we're not doing a Metallica song, Rodney is angry like a volcano, and a tune about crack cocaine and it's joys (whoa). Then, Flash Bob and his singular glorious flash mob, and finally a song about rampant narcissism, which is fine, gosh darn it. 

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Oh, and we're glad to be back...

Nov 5, 2021

THIS WEEK!! Rodney has nothing new to share (except a lot of stuff, apparently), Rodney tells you to be kind, there's a problem, and then Perception, a tale of the afterlife, and finally the life of a ghost. A sort of horny ghost? Graham is weird.